Vice President, Public Affairs, HIMSS Europe

Michaela is one of the most competent and reliable conference organisers we have ever worked with. Apart from being a great problem solver, then Michaela is always enthusiastic, proactive and positive and can work well under stress. I would only give my highest recommendation to anyone considering working with Michaela.

Chief Project Manager, Region of Southern Denmark

Working with Michaela is a great pleasure. She has an opportunity to manage projects and events, and you can count on Michaela moving dedicated to the common goal. With her positive attitude and persistence, she is a >> Energizer << that brings people together and brings ideas to action.

CIO, Odense University Hospital

I have had the pleasure of working with Michaela for many years around a series of conferences and events, for example WoHIT in Copenhagen 2008 and 2010 and AAL conference in Odense. Michaela is the best and most effective event and conference coordinator I have worked with. She is very organized and knows what to do and when. She holds both the "master plan" and looks at the details of the process. Michaela understands how to handle the very difficult process when many different stakeholders need to cooperate in the process towards a successful event or conference. She is hard working, humorous and is always very comfortable to work with.

Former CEO, REG X

The best conference ever!!! This was the response to REG X from several of the 400 people attending the TCI2013 conference in Kolding on 3-6 September 2013. The reason for this is largely attributable to Michaela from BYMA. Michaela took care of the practical issue with the conference so that REG X would focus only on the content. During the 7 months we worked together around the conference, I experienced a deeply committed and untiring project manager who burned for what she was doing and we could always get in touch to discuss new ideas. I would highly recommend Michaela to others who have to plan a big conference.

Former International Manager, City of Odense

Michaela Andersen is one of the best project managers I have worked with. She is able to handle large and complex projects and events and has an extraordinary organizational talent. She is a gifted communicator and is able to work with many different partners from different cultures and areas of work. Michaela is a very committed person who contributes with many ideas and a positive attitude. She is also able to understand the special terminology and knowledge in completely new areas of work, which was shown in practice when she accepted the project management for the AAL Forum in Odense on a short notice.

Former CEO, Welfare Tech

BYMA has been affiliated with Welfare Tech since 2010 as event coordinator. BYMA has hosted several events: Conferences for over 800 participants from around the world. Exhibitions, fairs and page events with national and international guests as well as minor events for our members. BYMA is professional and very committed to planning our events. BYMA has an eye for the overall strategy and sees opportunities and finds creative and new ways to do things.

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