Planning an event

We are professional, committed, quality and service minded. We always seek to get the outcome of an event, you as a customer want. We focus on the overall strategy you have for your event - and we are uncompromising in our performance of our work. BYMA is part of a collaboration and always has a continuous dialogue with you as the main organiser.

Financial Management

Managing an event economy can be a big task. There is usually a budget to be observed. How do we adjust if there are not the attendees as expected? What can be expected from income by for example Sponsorships, exhibition etc. BYMA has extensive experience in financial management and carries out this task in consultation with you. An event must be of high quality within the budgets framework.

Speaker Management

If you have a larger event, it can be a big task to keep track of speakers. BYMA has extensive experience in managing lecturers within the daily contact, confirmation, presentations etc.

Session / Track Management

Many conferences has many tracks and sessions. The administration of these can be overwhelming for many. BYMA offers professional administration of this.

Contact to the Venue

Once you have decided where your event is to be held, there must be an ongoing dialogue with the venue. Contracts, catering, setup, F&B, breaks etc. BYMA conducts this dialogue on a continuous basis, and prepares a roadmap for the venue, so everyone fully agrees on what is going to happen during your event. BYMA can also help negotiate prices at the individual locations.

Program - Onsite Guide

Most conferences prepare a program for the day. Do you have international guests, many choose to create an onsite guide containing program, practical information, hotel information, etc. BYMA can assist in developing a program / onsite guide concept and, in cooperation with partners, - of course based on an agreed design manual.

Side Events

Many conferences, especially those held over several days, has different kinds of side events. It may be networking dinners, gala evenings, business visits, etc. BYMA has great experience in planning and coordinating these side events. BYMA has a large backdrop of input, creative ideas and set up.

Conference Office

For larger conferences it is advisable to set up a conference office. This office will be the 'engine room' for the entire conference. This is where everyone involved can be. This is where all the management of the conference is stay and take a few minutes break. This is also where attendees can go for questions. If BYMA is a part of an entire contract, we automatically create such an office linked with a speaker and a press room.

Registration System

The easiest way to register attendees for your event is by using an online registration system. BYMA has experience with several systems, which are adjusted according to the type of event you wish to have.

Food and Beverage

Most conference centers today offer very good catering packages where quality is in top. BYMA ensures that your wishes for catering are met and that allergies and beliefs are taken into account.


Some want to plan VIP programs in continuation of their event. BYMA has extensive experience with VIPs and the discretion that comes along to these events.


Many events want a form of entertainment for their program. Whether it's part of the program itself during the day, for a break or for a dinner, BYMA has a lot of experience finding the kind of entertainment that suits your event.


BYMA cooperates with several educational institutions. Many of the students can gain knowledge and experience by attending as volunteers at major events - either because the overall themes of the event are part of their studies or because they are studying event mangement, hospitality management, etc. Thus gaining experience from being part of planning an event.

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