Brems & Co

Brems & Co. has many years of experience in covering market and customer needs, developing new business ideas and concepts and developing new marketing strategies. In cooperation with Brems & Co, you as a customer, and BYMA as strategic partner, can create a marketing strategy for your event.

Insoft Digital

Insoft uses the best tools to deliver intelligent and technically powerful website solutions. BYMA collaborates with Insoft when creating new event pages. You can choose between selected templates or you can design your own page. Insoft works in Umbraco and Sitecore, as well as web applications, mobile websites and webshops for e-commerce.

Still Words

Ard Jongsma is a Dutch photographer working out of Denmark where he has received a number of awards for his images. While most of his work in Denmark is commercial, his international credentials are almost exclusively earned in events. He is hired throughout Europe for his unique way of documenting conferences and fairs in particular. His creative talent for finding aesthetic value in the most unlikely subjects while accurately documenting the atmosphere makes him particularly sought after. Describing the work of a photographer makes little sense, so check out his event website


Bar-Mobil is a professional bar solution for several of our B2B events, where you expect a little more - especially for our events where, for example, VIP dinners are organised. Here Bar-Mobil presents a delicious bar, from which they serve exactly the cocktails you as a customer may be interested in. If you want to expand the concept, Bar-Mobil can also provide a course in cocktails for your customers, employees or event participants.

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